by The Olive Shoots

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released September 2, 2013

produced by joachim sällström
mixed by ola sonmark
mastered by svante forsbäck

words & music by sällström
except track 1:
words & music by sällström/holenyi

cover & layout by joachim sällström

2013 dufflecoat records



all rights reserved


The Olive Shoots Gothenburg, Sweden

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Track Name: Heaven is on the fire
Backbone to one's intrusion to another
Involvement for real or for our own needs
Affection for you's to me to land safely
Do people demand amiability?

I am all yours, sincerely
Our heaven is on the fire
It's your turn to decide
I am all remorse, when you're with me
Heaven is on the fire
You turn to the side
Where you hide

Affection for you's to me to land safely
Can people demand amiability?
How did these emotions ever subside?
It could be me or maybe you - why do I even have to decide?
Track Name: Gynaecology
None achieves
What love can achieve
When love receives
A person in need
None achieves
What love can achieve
When love receives
A person in need

Will you receive me?
Will you receive me?

You'd fill my whole body
But I won't let you
My heart is my harbour
As well as my out-pour
You reach for my content
No more than I let you
You come on so dirty
What's this to you?
Track Name: Psyche
There's a fascination in her,
that makes him forget to pull his breath back.
He's been watching her his whole life,
and she will soon realize he's always been there
for her eyes.

And when they walk the hardest mile,
the idols bow until they break.
Icons fall off afrom their wake,
as he and Psyche tread the isle.

She shoots up over the clouds,
and when she's just about to burst into: ”Beautiful!”
then her focus glides to the shade,
that has been formed (and still is forming)
beyond her view.

And then she flees afrom the scene.
All felt and thought erodes that light scent.
It is a flight so turbulent,
but all she wants still stands, serene.

”My shadow is of foreign sort
that one can only see if bent
and mirrored in its surface.”, meant:
she hides her hopes for Cupids court.
Track Name: Anteros
Why me
None's changed
The last 18 years
Why will it not pass on to me?
Am I not allowed to own beauty?

Why me
Your sweet company
Woo me
Uncertain to be beautiful
If I'll be known
I will own
I shall own beauty

I'm so tired
It's not like I don't try
Sympathy may be
Love for a victim, is there?
Lust for a victim?

Looks to affection
In all the wrong place
As could be
Sympathy may be
But why me?